How to find an internship before you graduate

Internships are the perfect opportunity for you to gain valuable experience, explore different career paths and gain confidence through meeting new people.

Consider a virtual internship

More and more internships are going online because of Covid-19, meaning you are not confined to your local town or city for internship opportunities. Start emailing organisations from different cities or countries you would love to work for, as they will be more able to accommodate you through remote working.

Emphasise your transferable skills 

When tailoring your CV and Cover Letter to the role you are applying for, highlight your transferable skills. Not all internships will require individuals with specific qualifications or technical abilities. So, begin researching your areas of interest versus what you are studying, as they will look favourably on individuals who can demonstrate enthusiasm for the role and are willing to learn on the job.

Networking is key

Building up your network is key to landing your ideal internship. Do not be afraid to reach out to your existing network or past employers for any guidance or to see if they have any opportunities available for you. Next, begin connecting and engaging with people in the industry you hope to work in, as an internship could arise with them which you would be suited for.

Utilise college internship programmes

If your college course comes with the option for work placement or an internship, make sure to take it. Many colleges in Ireland like DCU and UL have these schemes incorporated into degree programmes which are highly regarded and recognisable out in industry. They will help you source your placement, ensuring that you are paid in most cases. Interns are often kept on throughout and after college on a full-time basis once they complete their degree.

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