A Summer in Washington D.C.

Evan Henry is a recent TCD graduate, who spent four weeks interning in Washington D.C. in July 2022 as part of the Washington Ireland Program. Evan shares his experience and learnings from his time in the US.

Why I Picked My Masters: Antonia Boorman

My advice would be to explore something you want to learn about, something new that you’re interested in, and to make sure that the university you choose is a supportive one.

Why I Picked My Masters: Emma Sheridan

Research courses and choose based on what area you want to work in. Sure you don’t have to know exactly where you want to go in life, but even knowing if you prefer a one role over another in your field can hugely help.

How I decided what career I wanted

When it came to making my decision, I reminded myself that this is not going to be the role I will hold for the next 40 years, so it is okay to choose a job that is right for you at this moment in time.

Which path is for you, where to go next?

Jane from Two Roads is a certified behavioural, motivator, and competency analyst. As part of her career coaching services she helps students and graduates identify the path they should pursue in the early years of their graduate life. Contact Jane to avail of her summer offer.

Your Degree is Not Everything: The Demi Strategy

Demi is a Gen Z careers advisor with a certification in Careers Counselling. She has a track record of helping students and grads land jobs, whether they are the dream jobs at Microsoft or a job in Tesco’s to get you through college and professional exams. Additionally, as a marketer with a specialism in social…

Why I Picked My Masters: Gareth Brinn

During the final year of my undergraduate degree, I decided that I did not want to give up on my passion for writing. So, I began looking around for possible career paths and Masters degrees that would help me keep this passion for writing. The MATCEL was the only degree that I found with a…

My Graduate Life: Emma Twamley

And while I agree in one sense that nursing is a vocation, a calling as some would say, I believe to talk about it in that sense takes away from it as a trained profession. People sacrifice years of their lives to upskill with some becoming dual-qualified in General Nursing with Midwifery or Psychiatry. We…

Why I Picked My Masters: Eoghan O’Keeffe

I knew I wanted to work in the digital area of business, but also knew I wouldn’t consider myself as a marketer. That’s why the MSc in E-commerce was the perfect choice for me.

My Graduate Life: Orla McMahon

I loved the idea of studying again and finally a challenge! By this time, I think I was 4 years out of secondary school. I loved every minute of beauty therapy. There were hard times but in the end it was so worth it.


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