My Graduate Life: Ellen Whelan

I got through my leaving cert with minimal effort and still had no clue what path I wanted to follow. I thought I would give myself another year to decide so I did a PLC course in Business and Information Technology. I would highly recommend a PLC course to anyone who is still unsure of what they want to do, I learned much on the course.

My Graduate Life: Ellen McManus

Looking back choosing a marketing and communications undergraduate degree may have been better suited for my career path now… C’est La Vie! However, I still gained a lot of experience and skills through completing my geography degree which can be applied throughout my future career.

My Graduate Life: Eileen Quinn

Virtual on-boarding is a new approach for everyone to learn. Not everyone has years of professional experience to dip into on how to handle such a situation. Newer graduates are vulnerable in adapting to such an introduction due to lack of professional life experience, and my survival advice is that communication will be your best tool…

My Graduate Life: Angelica Too

Studying in the UK has been one of the most fulfilling and enriching experiences of my life. But it was certainly very different from what I imagined. In fact, almost everything I was sure I liked or didn’t like had switched places by the time I graduated and started working!

The Student Collective

The Student Collective is an innovative student-led and student-focused organisation that aims to bridge the gaps in support available to sixth-year students. We do this through our three-part initiative; One-on-One mentoring, a database of information, and content creating.

My Graduate Life: Shannen Kearney

There are back doors into every area in life you want to go if the front door is closed. You have to trust that you will find the way and believe it…

My Graduate Life: Conor Stone

My graduate story has been a series of unplanned adventures that have led me to a role that I really love. Today, I work for Techstars in London, helping exciting start-ups to design and develop their business development strategies, while in my spare time I run my own wellbeing blog, podcast and business. The funny […]

CCUSA: Work Experience Canada Programme

Work Experience Canada is a programme of CCUSA which provides Canadian employers with qualified international staff for positions that are temporary or seasonal in nature during the winter and summer months.


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