Your Degree is Not Everything: The Demi Strategy

Demi is a Gen Z careers advisor with a certification in Careers Counselling. She has a track record of helping students and grads land jobs, whether they are the dream jobs at Microsoft or a job in Tesco’s to get you through college and professional exams. Additionally, as a marketer with a specialism in social media, she shares tips on elevating your small business, if you have one! Be sure to follow @thedemistrategy for honest, young and fresh advice + services. 

There is a lot about the university students and graduates of today that makes us different. 

We get study tips from TikTok. Challenging societal injustice has been a key part of our university experience. We are encouraged to take risks, in almost every sense: “You can repeat your exams, but you can’t repeat the sesh”, “you only live once”, “I can’t come and kill myself”. 

If we are different, why should our career paths remain static? Why do we feel like our degrees define where we go? Degrees are just the stepping stone. Your Maths degree could make you an excellent lawyer, as someone who has strong abilities in analysing data and problem solving. Your accounting degree could fuel you into being a strong marketer, you have the ability to balance risk and reward. Your natural sciences degree may strengthen you as you become a primary school teacher – it has made you naturally curious and eager to answer pressing questions. 

Okay, what if you do what to follow the career path that your degree implies? You have a law degree and want to qualify as a lawyer. You have a Biomedical Science degree and want to work as a scientist in the labs. You have a Commerce Degree and want to become a qualified accountant. 

One of the most important lessons that I learnt while getting trained in Careers Counselling was that it is better to be doing something than to be waiting for your dream job and doing nothing. How does this apply to you? Getting your foot out in the professional, working world and diversifying your experience is better than staying at home waiting for your dream job with nothing to show for it. This doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to working in those specific industries. Any experience is a good experience. For example, an aspiring accountant who decides to do some freelance digital marketing will definitely improve their data analysis skills and have a powerful and unique experience to add to their CV. 

Another thing graduates and students in this time can consider is volunteering for a few weeks in a start-up. Often, when you volunteer in a start-up, you have the opportunity to put your hands in a bit of everything. Additionally, as you are giving a start-up your time for free, they are likely to be invested in your learning and will be happy to provide guidance or insight on areas of the business that you aren’t helping out in. Talking to people and putting your hands in a bit of everything may lead you to realise that the typical career path of your degree is not something that you are genuinely interested in pursuing. 

A final word is that we will never be as young as we are now, so take this opportunity to live life for yourself, be curious and challenge norms.

The Demi Strategy

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