My Graduate Life: Laura Renshaw

Laura launched @thegradgirlproject on Instagram to support students and graduates sharing career advice, money tips, and everything in between.

I studied Politics for my undergrad study at Brunel University London. I loved it as I studied politics for my A-Levels and have always had an interest in that field. I am still not 100% sure about what I want to do career-wise, however, I do still have a huge interest in politics. But I do want to continue with my studies as I love it so much. This is why I am going to begin my Masters in Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing this September. I have become very interested in digital marketing since last summer, so much so, I created my own Instagram platform called “thegradgirlproject”. This platform is a page supporting students and university graduates on their path to working out what they want to do in life, tips and tricks for studying, money-saving tips and so much more. 

I am currently working as a sales assistant at my local supermarket part-time due to being on a gap year and generating funds as I am starting my Masters in London. I was initially going to complete my Masters in Sept 2020 but because of Covid, I believed it was best to take a year out due to a lot of the study being online. 

What did you do in university to get where you are today?

In university, I also completed online courses on the side that were not necessarily to do with my studies. This included online courses in digital marketing to further my passion and knowledge more as it was of great interest to me. As a result, I now want to study a Masters in the area and I got an unconditional offer to study it from my chosen university. I also had many part-time jobs during university, in retail stores, pubs and bars, which allowed me to generate savings and funds to survive in university as it was a great expense to me. I also developed my communication skills and people skills in general, helping me to be confident when speaking to other professionals. 

Laura launched @thegradgirlproject after
graduating in 2020.

Would you change your chosen subject that you studied?

I would not change the subject I studied at university, I still love it and I am so passionate about the subject and could still see myself in a career in that field in the future.

Did you take a gap year?

I went straight to university after finishing my A-Levels in 2017. I am now taking a gap year post-university due to the ongoing Covid situation as I hate online learning. This will allow me to save enough money as possible, so I have substantial savings after I graduate from postgraduate study next year. 

How do you ensure a work/life balance?

I find this hard, although I only have a 20-hour part-time job, I always take on extra shifts meaning that I only get two days off in the week and work over 30 hours. I struggle to rest on my days off as I like to get my laundry and food shop out of the way, so, it does not leave a lot of time out for free time for me. However, lately, I have made it my mission to try and get the balance right. I have realised that money is not everything and sometimes you have to put your mental health first. I have been making sure that I have me time, I plan my week out to make sure that I have at least one whole day to myself to do absolutely nothing, watch Netflix, treat myself to a takeaway, catch up with my friends (via the phone of course).

Would you emigrate to advance your career?

Yes, I 100% would consider this in the future. If it were my dream job in a great location, I would take the leap. Back in 2017 when I moved from the Wirral down to London, I did it all by myself (like many of us students). I did not know anyone, and I loved that! I love meeting new people, going to new places on my own and exploring and I think doing that abroad would be amazing. So yes, that will be a possibility for the future. As well as that, I have found that the friends I met In university are now my friends for life, I do not know what I would do without them. Although I have not seen them physically in almost a year now due to Covid they are still the closest people to me. 

Laura Renshaw

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