How to get hired as a Camp Counsellor

I spent Summer 2019 working at a camp in New York & now I am going to share my top 5 tips to help you get a job at summer camp.

Where do you want to go to camp?

You will have to decide on which country you want to work in. CCUSA Ireland offer programmes for those interested in spending the summer at camps in Canada and the US. In arriving at a decision, you can look to where you want to travel on your days off or where your friends are spending their summer if you wanted to meet up with them on your post camp travels.

Complete your application in full

No matter the programme you select, there will be multiple parts to your application: screening interviews, a written application, doctors’ visits, and Garda vetting to be obtained as well as the visa application process once you secure a position at camp. Once you begin the application, it is quite manageable it is just about applying early when more jobs are available. 

Gain experience working with kids

You will be working with kids for the entire summer, so it is best to gain experience before you submit your application. It can be helping train teams after school or maybe you have studied childcare or primary teaching? Either way, that is what Camp Directors want to see when looking through applications, so make it a priority to gain experience.

Pick up a new skill or talent

The beauty of camp is that every skill and talent is welcome, be it juggling, drama, chess, or every type of sport imaginable. If you know you want to go to camp, why not start something new which will make your application stand out. You do not have to be an expert but showing your enthusiasm for the activity, will help you get the job.

Do your research

With all of the camp interviews happening online this year, this will allow you to do more research about the camp you are interviewing for than if you were at a hiring fair. Make the most of this by reviewing their camp values and checking out their YouTube videos.

You can read more bout my experience at summer camp here.

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