What’s next for me? Emma Fitzpatrick

Emma is a current final year student in DCU who runs a legal student Instagram and YouTube channel both under the name em.stoppel.

Hi my name is Emma Fitzpatrick I’m a final year law and history student at Dublin City university.

My final year has been a bumpy one, trying to grasp concepts from company to property law. However I must acknowledge the support I’ve got at home and the support from DCU. It is not the final year experience I imagined, as I was hoping to do a J1 for the summer, but in due time it will happen! 

In 2018 I was tasked with filling out a Central Applications Office form which in Ireland is an application to colleges. I chose law after having experience in a law firm during my transition year of school. I also took part in a national mock trial which solidified that law was for me due to my love for public speaking and critically analysing situations. 

I filled out my CAO and ended up getting offered my third choice. Initially I was upset after all my hard work however my university has been a great support to me in every aspect of college life. The lecturers and people I have met through networking have provided me with invaluable skills. In first year I was first year representative for the Free Legal aid society. I promoted the society on social media while attending clinics where solicitors were present providing legal expertise.

In second year of law I took part in the Arthur Cox Accelerate Program which put me in touch with various legal professional and it really gave me an incredible insight into a law firm.

I very recently started my own legal Instagram from tips on how to study to motivating people to achieve their goals. My career plan is to pursue criminal law as it is the area of law that I am most interested in. For the future I am confident that I will succeed in what I am doing as long as I am happy. In September 2021 I will start my master at National University of Ireland Galway in International Criminal Law (LLM).

Emma Fitzpatrick

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