The Student Collective

The Student Collective is a unique mentorship programme led by Irish third level students. Continue reading to learn more about the services they offer sixth year students.

The Student Collective is an innovative student-led and student-focused organisation that aims to bridge the gaps in support available to sixth-year students. We do this through our three-part initiative; One-on-One mentoring, a database of information, and content creating

Our One-on-One Mentoring Programme pairs sixth-year students up with third-level students to guide and motivate them, offer insight about the Leaving Certificate process, provide general information about university life, and introduce mentees to effective strategies for manoeuvring through sixth year. Both the mentor and the mentee bring different perspectives to the process, and both should gain from the relationship. Therefore, both parties are equally accountable for the success of the relationship. 

Since establishment in August 2020, we have trained over 30 mentors and impacted over 100 sixth year students so far. Our Instagram page (@Thestudentcollective_) intends to answer questions and provide information that sixth-year students need, concisely and effectively. Our YouTube Page (The Student Collective) is aimed at delivering top Leaving Certificate hacks and tips in a quick, fun and visual format. We also have monthly workshops aimed at equipping sixth-year students that are not in the Mentorship Programme. These workshops deal with topics such as Mental Health, Planning Your Christmas Study, and Making a Routine. 

During the Christmas Break, we will be holding Virtual Study Sessions on our Zoom account to supports students who cannot study on their own. It will run from the 15th of December to the 10th of January, excluding Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and St Stephen’s Day. Details for that can be found on our Instagram page @thestudentcollective_ or you can register for that by emailing us at

If you are a sixth-year student and have any questions, please reach out to us and we’d love to help you in whatever way possible! If you would like to partner with us or support in any way, do reach out to us also by email! Thank you!

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