How to Adapt to Remote Learning as a Student!

Veronica is currently completing The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship in conjunction with IT Sligo and The Insurance Institute, as well as working in the insurance industry full time.

Having spent the last two years studying remotely as part of my undergraduate degree in IT Sligo, I have learned how to adapt to online learning from the traditional classroom whilst working full time. Online learning allows the student to become more independent, responsible and flexible as well as managing coursework and everyday life. These skills are essential for any role, especially in managing your time and keeping a work/life balance once you graduate.

While it can seem daunting at the start entering a virtual classroom once you take one class you will be able to see how the new world of online learning can benefit you. With an increase in the number of organisations, colleges and schools beginning to move entirely online, this should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and adapt to a new way of working and take advantage of all the new online resources that are being made available.

As you start a new semester you should remember why you are doing this and not to be afraid to ask for help from lecturers, TAs, SU officers and of course your friends or family, because we are all in this together.

5 Tips for Remote Learning Success

Create a Study/Workspace

By creating a learning/study space you will be able to work, study and complete coursework without distractions. Before classes start you should check all your tech and internet is working to allow you to be able to start your semester off right.

Have a Diary/Schedule

By investing in a diary or using google calendar you should make a note of all upcoming assignments, projects, due dates or on-campus days, this will help keep you organised and prepared for busy periods in the semester. By adding your school email to your personal email/phone this will help you keep on top of emails from lecturers to make sure you do not miss any important news or updates.

Get Involved in Class Discussions

Depending on the software your course uses do not be afraid to turn your mic on and participate in class discussions or type in the chat box. By participating in class, it will help you to engage more with the content and learn from others in your class and build a relationship with the teaching staff and classmates.

Create a Class WhatsApp Group

In class do not be afraid to be the person to create a WhatsApp group for the class. This will allow you to be able to communicate, ask questions, discuss projects and assignments. This will help to build relationships with classmates, help with group projects and share class information.

Embrace It

Go into online learning with an open mind, it might not be where you saw yourself this time last year, but it is the way the world is moving. Having experience in remote learning will make you more organised, adaptable and help your CV to stand out when it comes to applying to graduate roles. We are all in this together, so let’s get this degree!

Veronica Donovan

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