Return to education with Springboard

Springboard+ is a government-funded organisation, which offers thousands of places for those returning to education as well as recent graduates. All courses will lead to graduates gaining skills in emerging sectors such as artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and digital marketing. For those currently unemployed, you will be exempt from paying fees, otherwise, you will have to pay 10% of course fees.

There is a wide range of courses across all NQF levels available from all of the top universities and institutes of technology across the country. The courses on offer are a mix of full-time and part-time as well as online, blended and in-person learning. Deadlines are fast approaching for a lot of the courses as they commence in September/October, so now is the time to do your research and apply.

Having gone through the Springboard+ application process myself, I can vouch for how accessible the entire process is. My application was accepted for the two courses I applied for. After evaluating both courses and my career prospects following completion, I accepted the offer to pursue the Graduate Certificate in Management for Sustainable Development (Level 9) in DCU. This course is facilitated by DCU Connected, meaning it is taught entirely online. This was a huge draw for me when it came to applying as I can continue to work full-time as well as pursue my degree. As I am currently employed, I will be liable to by 10% of my course fees, which is €338, and a steal compared to the cost of other postgraduate courses available outside of this initiative.

I look forward to sharing my journey as a postgraduate student over the next few months, and I hope you join me by applying to Springboard+, today!

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