Should you commute to college?

With the uncertainty of what college will look like in the coming months due to Covid-19, many students will have decisions to make in terms of obtaining accommodation for the coming academic year. Having commuted to college and work for over 4 years, as well as working within Irish Rail’s Taxsaver office, I hope my insights will help guide students in their decision to commute or move for college as an image of what college will look like for the 20/21 year becomes clearer. Unfortunately, public transport is not accessible to everyone throughout the island of Ireland, and for some relocation is the only option.

When I was a 6th Year student I was told by a college representative that it would be “impossible” to commute from Laois to DCU for college. As a result, my dream course which I had enough points to pursue was left off my CAO.  Yet, lone behold it was POSSIBLE!

Students commute to college for a whole host of reasons be it financial, proximity or it suits their lifestyle. I spent my year of work placement based in Irish Rail’s Tax Saver office where I dealt with customers who commuted from Cork, Galway, and Belfast to Dublin daily. So likewise, why would someone not do the same for college if it meant they got the opportunity to study their dream course?

Over the last 4 years, I have seen students commute from Laois to Mary I, NUIG and all the Dublin colleges. If you are in a position where you cannot afford to relocate to college, know that commuting is still an option for you. It will not always be easy and you will at times be restricted by college as well as public transport timetables. But do not forget you will have your degree at the end of it and develop qualities which will stand to you for years to come.

Future posts will centre on ways to save when commuting and the different options available to students. In the mean time, If you have any questions in relation to deciding to commute or move please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Should you commute to college?

  1. Thanks for sharing your insights! I have found a commute a welcome time to wind down (introvert!) and listen to either music or interesting podcasts/lectures.

    That said, a commute definitely takes time out of your day! I am looking forward to a new change that will soon eliminate my commute.

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