What I have learned at 23!

23 things I have learned at 23, you say? Well, life is too short for that, so here is 5!

Never trust an Irish summer

Yet, for some reason we always do! But, I suppose it is the rain that falls that little bit warmer, the days that last that little bit longer and the grass that is the little bit greener, that make our summers so Irish (not forgetting the 99 ice cream cones).

Stay away from seasonal sales

Have I been guilty of splurging on everything in my size and below €10 during seasonal sales, YES! Have I gone on to make use of the item, NO! Last year I went the whole summer without placing an online order or shopping the sales. Instead, my money was spent on travel and new experiences, and one too many McFlurrys; all of which made me happier than a half priced top ever could.

Take a break

I was always go, go, go from age 13 onwards and my taking a break was filling my time with another task or activity, which I loved. But now I realise I am no longer a student, and things are changing. I might never have time like this again to truly rest before I enter the world as a business professional. So, I am going to take it.

To drive

Yes, 2.5 years after completing my Theory Test and all my lessons I got a car, and I am ready and waiting for those driving tests to start up again. Drive throughs across Ireland beware because I am coming for you!

Put salt into your pasta water

I must have missed the memo in Home Ec, but by putting salt into your pasta water it will stop it from sticking to the pot. However, I have since been told this is a myth, so the verdict is still out on this life lesson, I am afraid.

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