My Graduate Job Search

At long last, I received my college results which means I will be graduating from DCU in November. I feel like this could have slowed down the job search process, especially when it came to non-graduate roles, as I still had not been awarded my degree classification. Thankfully, that issue is a thing of the past and since receiving my college results I have had two invitations for interviews. This has restored my confidence in my search.

I had only applied to a handful of graduate programmes, as I had my heart set one in particular, which I had reached the final interview stage of. Unfortunately, these roles were pulled due to the nature of the work and the impact that Covid-19 had, had on the industry. However, for each programme, I applied for I made it past the application process, and for two I reached the final interview stage. If anything, this has shown that I can prepare a great application, give a good interview, and have an understanding of how psychometric tests work. All that said, the job market is extremely competitive at the moment, so I had to change up my approach to landing interviews and securing a job.

Send Cover Letters

Up until this point, I only ever completed a cover letter when I was specifically asked for one in the job description, which was not often. Whereas now, I prepare a cover letter for each role I apply for. This means I am only applying for roles in companies which I actually would consider working for and I am not wasting mine or the company’s time. As well as this it shows the employer that I am serious about the role and allows me to introduce myself with my suitability for the job and highlight relevant skills and experience on my CV.

Get Driving

I passed my theory test and have had my 12 driving lessons completed for over two years now, but still no full drivers’ licence. But I am prepared to change that, and if my job search has shown me anything it is that I HAVE to change that. So many jobs and graduate roles require a full driver’s licence, which I am not eligible for currently. So, what have I done? I have stopped making excuses and started practicing my driving again, bought a car and booked my driver’s test. So, when driving tests begin again, and when I pass (fingers crossed), I will have even more job opportunities available to me.


Like many, I have jumped on the online course bandwagon. Not only is this a great opportunity to upskill, but it also shows an employer your ability to work on your initiative. Additionally, it demonstrates your drive and organisational capabilities. So far, I have completed the Google Digital Garage, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course, which is a certified course from the Open University. This has not only refreshed my knowledge of digital marketing but means that I am keeping my CV fresh, even during a pandemic.

Best of luck graduates , you got this!

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