Advice for Transferring College

Do you want an internal or external transfer?

Colleges offer internal as well as external transfers to students. If you are unhappy with a current element of your course you should investigate your options in transferring to a more general degree within your college .i.e. Moving from Business Studies with a language to general Business Studies.

Contact the programme chair directly

In most instances the decision of accepting or rejecting your transfer application will lie with the programme chair. By contacting them directly you will know exactly what their selection criteria is. This information will be a huge advantage when it comes knowing what results you will have to achieve in exams and assignments.

Have your Plan B ready

So, you did not get your transfer, what now? Have a Plan B in place and identity the other options available to you and how you will go about making them happen. Will you stay in your course, reapply to the CAO or take a year out?

Join clubs and societies

As cliché as it sounds, clubs and societies are the best place to meet people in college. With the annual intake of new members, you won’t be the only person new to the society and it will be a great opportunity to make friends with the same interests as you.

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