4 reasons to study Business Studies in DCU

  • Go on paid work placement for 1 year

Business Studies in DCU allows students to avail of one of the best work placement programmes (INTRA) in the country. Each placement is a minimum of 11 months and you are guaranteed to be paid minimum wage if not more. The INTRA portal has hundreds of jobs for you to apply for which could see you working with SMEs, MNCs or semi-state companies.

Unlike DCU, other colleges have placements which may last 6-8 months. This limits your ability to take what you have learned and fully take ownership of your role and put it into practice; In turn, making DCU graduates more employable. If you do not want to avail of work placement you can go straight into final year, making your degree only 3 years or go on Erasmus.

  • Experience entrepreneurship first-hand

An emphasis is put on entrepreneurship throughout all courses within DCU Business School. This is evident within Business Studies and its capstone module, New Enterprise Development. This is a year-long module which students take in final year that sees them develop a product or service from ideation stage to create a business plan and present it at DCU’s Dragons Den with leading industry professionals as judges.

Other modules throughout the course also offer elements of entrepreneurship and real-world experiences from conducting market research for Irish business and companies as well as undertaking business simulations which see you managing an airline. These modules enable students to further develop leadership and creativity skills when faced with identity solutions to business problems.

  • Learn from industry experts

The majority of DCU Business School’s lecturers come straight from industry providing students with their real-world experiences. Along with lecturing these professionals continue to work either on their business ventures or in advisory positions to large corporations or government bodies. As a student this will provide you with not only tangible and contemporary examples but also networking opportunities throughout your time in DCU.

  • Graduate with a Bachelor of Business Studies and final year specialism

The beauty of studying Business Studies in DCU is that you have the opportunity to try a range of modules from several business areas. Students then have the opportunity to choose a specialism of their choice from either finance, marketing, HR, economics, or management. Although you have chosen a specialism, the range of modules you study from other disciplines means you are not limiting yourself from pursuing certain jobs once you graduate.

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